Monday, 27 July 2009

To spread those wings...

If you've been following my posts so far, you'll observe that for some reason, running inspires me to write when I get back. Or, at least, I'm just following a trend I started that magical night when Yudai caused me to discover the joy of running.

Yes, you read that right. I, me, the former total lazy layabout with a phobia of anything remotely physical, used the words "running" and "joy" in the very same sentence. And not even very far apart, it seems.

I was surprised by my own enthusiasm tonight. In the absence of any social goings-on this particular evening or any major tasks at hand, I just felt raring to get out there and spread my wings. If I could have met up with some people and gone out, I would have been up for a major night out. My mum almost, but not quite trusts me enough to take her car out for a spin, especially a long one which I was in the mood for. But, I did feel this kind of adventurous spark running through me, that I had to DO SOMETHING, something active, dynamic, and physical. That something was simply to get out there and run, and run, and run.
At some point in my life, quite recently I think, I must have experienced some massive turnaround to my former mentality regarding this particular sphere of life. Tonight I fully realised how amazing it is that I continue to change, grow and become ever fitter.

Next, I learn to fly.

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