Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Great Gig You All Must Attend!!

Hello, blog followers!

I am writing to inform y'all of a very special upcoming event. It's now two weeks away tomorrow! Yikes, that's pretty close now.
It's my first performance as a Bass solo performer in quite some time, and a lot of work has gone into preparation for it. I've had to learn a couple of legendary bass pieces that I'd never even heard of before but, now that I have, have massively educated me and enriched my creative palette.

Whatever happens after this, this will be one of the most important performances of my career as a musician so it is not to be missed.

Here are the technical details:

Date/Time: 4/12/11 - 14:12
Venue: Yorkshire College of Music and Drama,
St. Mark's House,
St. Mark's Avenue,

For Tickets/Info contact: 07857 981769

This is all you need to know. Be there, please! =)