Saturday, 16 February 2013

Come and see a free display of bass virtuosity!

Hello, people on blogger!

I'm once again writing to you to make sure you're all aware of my impending big gig on Thursday! It's by far the biggest and most important solo performance I've ever put on to date, and doing everything I've had to do to prepare for it has, without a doubt, made it the biggest challenge I've ever had to face in my musical career - so a lot of support on the day would be truly welcomed!

Basically, what this gig is is a half-hour bass guitar solo set crammed full of MONSTER pieces. Pretty much all of the big names who are world-renowned for their technical prowess are being represented. In this half-hour, I'll be covering the likes of Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee and Les Claypool - that's right, all the people whose playing is so staggeringly accomplished that at one point I was frightened to listen to them!

So, if you'd like to come and see me conquer my fears, or if you just fancy attending a free show full of great music, here are the technical details.

When: 21/2/2013 - 11:45am
Where: Ghost Academy of Performing Arts, 
Church Lane, Mansfield

Wish me luck! (I might just need it...)


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Licentiate Performance: Official Press Release

JiM-X to Represent Six Bass Guitar Virtuosos in Upcoming Licentiate Performance

James Ian MacDonald (JiM-X) will be putting on his next major performance in Mansfield at the Ghost Academy of Performing Arts on February 21st. This will be a half-hour bass guitar solo set entirely comprised of the works of six musicians who are widely considered to be among the most talented and inspirational to ever pick up the instrument. By doing so, James will be aiming to achieve a Licentiate in Music Performance.
Some of the most iconic bands in the worlds of progressive and alternative rock are covered in the set list, including Rush, Dream Theater, Primus and Mr. Big. In addition, there will be some material originally recorded by two extraordinarily talented and influential solo artists, Victor Wooten and Stuart Hamm. The pieces have been carefully selected from the collective repertoire of all of these artists, and arranged to construct a programme that is designed to provide thrills and grooves in abundance, transitioning seamlessly between styles and showcasing a wealth of stylistic understanding and technical mastery. 
“Preparing for this gig has been, without a doubt, the most challenging project I’ve embarked upon in my musical career so far,” said James. “In order to perform these pieces in a way that does them justice, I’ve had to seriously develop certain techniques that I’ve picked up over the years, and learn others entirely from scratch by studying the work of the many great bass players that there have been over the years. I’ve found the whole process really enjoyable and rewarding - it’s been one great, big, giant learning curve that is surely going to serve me well in my musical pursuits going forward, so I’m hoping that there will be supporters willing to stick around for the journey ahead!”
Be sure to catch JiM-X at the Ghost Academy of Performing Arts in Mansfield on the 21st of February, 2013. The performance gets underway at 11:45am, and it’s free entry for all.

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