Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another run... another side.

Good evening, afternoon or indeed whatever time of day it happens to be when the person who is reading this is reading this. Hope all is well in your merry little lives.

Just been for another late evening run. It's just as calm and still out there as it was a few nights ago with Yudai, but obviously it was a different experience this time without someone by my side.
I may have touched on the following sentiments in my last entry, but I'm just feeling in the right mind to expand on them right now.
There's a side of this village which is just incredibly beautiful to me. At night, it's a different kind of beauty and something I personally find more deeply inspiring, awesome as it looks in the daytime as well. Just past the bus stop and the sweetshop, over the bridge and following the river down the little road of fairy tale cottages, heading towards the grounds of the Chatsworth estate.
Tonight, I paused by the brick wall of a lane in between a tall hedge and a big, grassy field overlooking the village emanating it's street-lit glow beneath the deepening black of night. As this little lane does, it brought some nice memories into focus, which in conjunction with the awesomeness of my surroundings complemented my musical reflections.
At some point on my way back home, I thought about parallel universes - universes which exist for every possible outcome of a decision (at least in fiction, but I like to imagine at least that there might be some truth to the idea), and I allowed myself to envisage alternate me's, as if to see how they were getting along.
Then, finally, I stopped again by the wooden gate of another big field closer to my actual house. I imagine meeting somebody for the first time... imagined a first kiss with somebody very special, somebody with real and uncertain qualities as far as I can tell. Somebody who has lost touch with me lately, and these days wondering where she may have got to is almost painful even if it is for the best. Still, I am sure this will work itself out at some point.
But that moment, that kiss... almost felt real, for some reason. Being out there at that time, feeling the gentle touch of the cool breeze, I could practically feel her kiss. It was kinda spooky.
Yeah, it feels weird to open about this kind of stuff on here, but so what. Chances are most people I know aren't reading it, and I'm a pretty open kinda guy! I just hope that whoever's reading this can take something from it.

'Til the next time.


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