Monday, 30 August 2010


I know, right? Been a while.

So, um... yeah, I kinda promised myself I would do a big epic blog post before I left. Now there's roughly... yup, 60 hours left!!
So, um... yeah. This is more or less going to be a train of thought thing. Tonight, I said goodbye to a few friends. Well, not like it's goodbye, but you know what I mean. Fuck it, I'm gonna get straight to my concern.
There are still some barriers. Within me and within certain others. Some of us still don't express ourselves to one another the way we really should. And some of us... me especially, slightly hesitant to admit this, are still somewhat afraid of people knowing who we are.
Or am I? Is it not that I'm just afraid to embarrass myself? Maybe. I know that's nothing really wrong with that, it's just not how I aim to be.
There was a strange, yet sweet vibe as I parted ways with them tonight. When I drove home, I took my time. I didn't wind the windows down, and I didn't play any loud music.
This isn't working right now. I will be back.


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