Monday, 18 January 2010

Day of Reckoning

Just a little thing I wrote in the refectory today, taking a break from studying. Not an especially good poem and it literally took 5 minutes to write, but here it is. It's a very DARK poem and is pretty much how I feel right now, with the impending Calculus exam of DOOM on the horizon and is a dive into serious, heavy, over-dramatic metaphor territory, which is always fun.

Day of Reckoning

I'm awash with efficient anger,
and the power to mercilessly beat down my nemesis,
outnumbered but not outgunned.

I will take on the swarm of his soldiers,
fighting 'til my last.
The inevitable forboding of death hanging from the sky.

I stand encircled by countless enemies,
one by one they charge,
an infinite series of battles.

I eradicate the weak and punish the strong,
my hands will crush them all,
but time is running short.

The time is nigh when they will all come at once.
Then, who will be spared?
Will I get out alive?
Only until the day of judgement,
then it is for Him to decide.

But should He make the wrong decision,
He is going down with me.


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