Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Making of Andy Murray

The following is a piece I felt inspired to write immediately after watching Andy Murray's incredible third round match last night.

"What I have just witnessed was just incredible. My eyes glued to the screen the whole time... 
I felt the turmoil Andy was going through. I felt the joy and passion he expressed when finally, he overcame it all. 
Tonight, he was tested to the limit.
There were moments I couldn't bear to watch. 
Moments I couldn't look away if I tried. 
There were times I felt like he was on the verge of crumbling.
There were times I felt my faith in him crumbling.

But he hung on. 
Through all the missed opportunities... all the slips and falls... even after suffering a break... he hung in there.
He kept on fighting back, right 'til the end.

He may still have a temper on him.
That volatile child still not silenced.
But he didn't quit. He would never quit.
But the elation we both experienced as he finally got the lucky break he deserved...
which grew as the set drew to a close,
and transformed the atmosphere to a state of euphoria
as the final set stormed by...
as the clock edged up to eleven, he was determined not to leave things unfinished.
The clock rolled past eleven... and that final game got underway just in time...
and he wrapped it up with a bang.
I believe that tonight, he demonstrated that he truly has the spirit of a champion.
Because although he was knocked down... 
again, and again...
he constantly refused to be defeated.
Through all the pain he had to suffer, he fought back and never surrendered.

He will rest easy tonight.

But my elation came to a halt when I remembered...
In terms of this championship,
there is still a long road ahead for him.

On the other hand, the road to becoming a hero is not about reaping the rewards.
It's all about the journey - the trials and obstacles one most face along the way. 
And this man shows no intention of turning back."

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